silver supporter pack

We are a group of passionate people who worked more than a year to make 3Dragons alive in Beta. If you enjoy our work, we kindly ask for your support, so our project could grow. Please, consider voluntary donation that will help us to pay the bills and convince more professionals to share this yourney with us. Thank you!

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You will get:

You will get 2 unique looktypes for male/female.

  • Elite Mercenary
  • Supreme Sorcerer

Every silver donator will get 4 custom emojis which are additional character animation effects you can activate to express yourself.

  • Bronze Emojis
  • Rumba Dance
  • Northern Soul Spin

As a donator, you will get special Silver Supporter rank on 3Dragons Official Discord channel.

Your trust will be rewarded. We will add you extra balance of 30 dragon coins that can be spent on items after the official 3Dragons server release. Additionally, we will increase your balance by 10% right before official server start.

Additionally, you will be rewarded with the privilege pass. As a donator you will get client updates sooner. Also, in case of technical issues - we will treat donators with the highest priority.

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