hear the rumors from the Ronots world...

Beta V1 is merging with Beta V2

Hi Warriors!

We were talking about this plan in the past and the time has finally come - Beta V1 server will be merged into Beta V2 server this Friday, i.e. on May 6, 2022.

What does it mean to you?

  • Stay cool, you are not going to lose any items. If you own a house, items will be transferred to your character's depot in a given town your house belongs to.
  • Your experience, level, skills will be adjusted taking into consideration destination server values.
  • All you will have to do is to just login to your character and it's going to be transferred automatically.

EXP 100x, LOOT: 5x, ATTACK: 33% faster

Hi Warriors!

As an element of routine we're launching yet another event this Friday: exp multiplier will be increased 4x, lootrate 2x, speed of attack will be increased by 33%.

3DRAG Team

Boosted items throughout the weekend

Greetings Warriors!

A quick announcement: throughout the weekend, there will be "boosted items" event happening. It increases chanced to loot "boosted" items 10x (boosted, meaning: with higher level, option and excellence).

At the same time, we have increased loot rate from 2.5x to 5x. Enjoy!


Next step -> Bringing more clarity to the game

Hi Warriors,

As some of you know 3DRAG is a game that has ambitions to expand outside Tibia box. As for now, the entry level (i.e. knowledge that you need to start the game and be successful in it) is really high -> you don't know where to go to gain exp, you don't know where the quests are, most of the people don't even know about existence of so many spells. We want to change that, so even non-Tibia players will be able to play.

That is why we will be focusing on providing more clarity to the game in upcoming days. We want to convince more non-tibia players to join our community. It will be happening at 3 different levels:

I . In-client improvements

  1. Improved communication with NPCs: all NPCs will be divided into 4 groups: traders (weapons / armors, ammo, vials, gems, miscellaneous) transporters, tasks-related, others. Player will be able to identify them easily via special marks. Starting conversation with them will happen after saying "hi" or click-attacking them. Most conversations will be about 'click-selecting' specific options instead of typing text
  2. In-game interactive minimap: we want no more questions on: where should I go to gain exp, where should I go to sell my goods; we want for the minimap to a provide a complete knowledge about that
  3. List of spells that will be displayed in form of the icons: you no longer need to remember how to cast a specific spell, you will have a full list with icons available in client
  4. Static information about the most important game-systems: you will be able to read about 'how our camera works', 'how to play knight, mage, paladin', 'how to use gems', 'how to use exori sim' directly in our client
II. YT Tutorials

  1. We will ask our players to prepare tutorials about various elements of our games: starting from 'how gems are working', ending on 'how to approach annihilator'
III. In-maps triggers and hints

  1. We will keep improving translations, as this is still thing that was completely done\
  2. We are going to create some scripts to let you know about various events happening in the game: first death (tutorial about losing skills, dropping loot, etc.), first time rope spot (tutorial about how to use rope and shovel), etc.